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Is NOAH safe?
Is NOAH safe?
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We've made it our mission to create a safe, secure platform for you to store your money. Read below to understand all the ways we are doing that.

Our Security Principles

At NOAH, we have a broad range of security controls that we test continuously to ensure that you're the only one who can authorize transfers from your account. Squashing any entries for bad actors is our top priority. Here's our approach:

  • Everything is Encrypted: We encrypt all data in the NOAH app. From when your money's in transit to when your money's at rest, we encrypt your information at every step.

  • We Deploy Best Practices and Standards: At NOAH, we apply all the best practices and standards that traditional financial institutions use to remain compliant with regulators. These include security principles such as Zero Trust (assuming there are no insecure internal networks), Defense in Depth (layering security controls), and Least Privilege (granting essential NOAH IT personnel the minimum amount of access needed to do their job).

  • We Do Our Due Diligence: NOAH depends on third parties to provide critical services that help us provide the best user experience to our community. These include but are not limited to cloud providers, payments processors, and security vendors. But before we contract with any third party, we take every precaution while vetting them to ensure they're up to our security, privacy, and compliance standards.

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