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How do I deposit bitcoin into the NOAH app?
How do I deposit bitcoin into the NOAH app?
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Here are all the ways you can receive bitcoin in the NOAH App:

  • Receiving bitcoin with Lightning Invoice — A Lightning Invoice is a unique single-use QR code that allows you to request payment in bitcoin. It's set up to accept a pre-determined amount of bitcoin and expires after a specific time. Lightning Invoices are helpful if you're selling goods or services and need a quick, easy way to request an exact payment.

  • Receiving bitcoin with Lightning Address — The simplified and user-friendly successor to the Lightning Invoice, a Lightning Address allows you to receive bitcoin without generating a new QR code each time. Lightning Address does away with long, alphanumerical strings in favor of an email-like address. So instead, you can send and receive bitcoin to (yes, we even have our Lightning Domain). Lightning Address is still the same Lightning Network; it's just way easier to use. Lightning Address brings ultimate simplicity and convenience to sending and receiving bitcoin. You can send and receive bitcoin with anyone with a Lightning wallet.

  • Receiving bitcoin on-chain — NOAH optimizes for optionality, so we enable you to receive your bitcoin on-chain if you need to. While this takes a little longer than receiving over the Lightning Network, it's still an excellent way to receive your bitcoin. The only fees you pay are the ones imposed by the Bitcoin network.

  • Buying and selling bitcoin with Moonpay — We've partnered up with Moonpay so that you can buy and sell bitcoin directly from your NOAH wallet with your debit or credit card. Moonpay is an industry-leading bitcoin-purchasing and selling platform integrated directly into NOAH, so buying and selling bitcoin is as easy as a few clicks. Moonpay deposits the bitcoin directly into your NOAH wallet, so you don't have to worry about transferring it yourself. And if you sell, the proceeds go straight to your bank account — again, no need to worry about moving the money yourself. Click here to check out our step-by-step guide on buying bitcoin in the NOAH App here!

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